The Seoul Design Festival which started in 2002, is a design-oriented annual exhibition organized by Design House, media contents group in Korea. It aims to be a platform for designers, supporting them to build a career in Korea and the global design industry. [Young Designer Promotion] is the main section of the Seoul Design Festival. It aims to promote young talented designers under 35.

Participation Guide


Freelancer Designer
College or Graduate student
Designers who look for self-branded design business opportunities
Designers or design start-ups that are expected to launch their new products/ struggling with product manufacturing
Condition: less than 5 years of start-ups

Booth Type

Shell Scheme

Applicant Benefit

Application fee is free.
Special booth price for selected applicants (1.5 million won/VAT excluded)
Shell Scheme includes basic wooden walls, pytex flooring, spot lights and a socket outlet.
Various media promotion will be supported by Design House Inc and monthly Design magazine.


1. Application Deadline: 17th of September
2. Announcement Date: 6th of October
3. Online Orientation: 13th of October
4. Participation Fee Deadline: 14th of October
5. Profile Photo Shooting: 22nd~23rd of October


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